Do you snowmobile in McCall?

There is a better value than
McCall snowmobile rentals!
A snowmobile rental in McCall is too expensive!

Snowmobile Rentals in McCall are too expensive!

Better than a McCall Snowmobile Rental

Snowmobiles are a blast!
They make great memories with your friends and family.
What a great way to fill the photo album!
And there's not many places better than McCall, Idaho to do it.
Are you thinking of a McCall snowmobile rental?

A snowmobile rental in McCall is too expensive!

Better than a McCall Snowmobile Rental

Have you seen how expensive it is?
Over $200 for 8 hours for a McCall snowmobile rental.

What if you could use a mountain sled ALL DAY
from a "Toy Sharing Club" for 1/2 the cost?

There is a club that will give you much more than
just a McCall snowmobile rental program.

Soon in McCall you will be able to get way more!

RedLine Recreational Toys

Better than a McCall Snowmobile Rental

RedLine Recreational Toys
is coming to McCall!

If you're interested in finding out more about the
"Toy Sharing Club"
Just enter your information here!
You'll get updates and information by email about:
  • How the program works to share toys
  • Where you can pick up the snowmobiles in McCall
  • How long you can keep the snowmobiles
  • Which other toys are available in the program
  • When RedLine plans to open in McCall
  • Other RedLine locations and where you can play

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special offer for a discount
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RedLine opens in McCall

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RedLine coming to McCall
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a better option to the McCall snowmobile rental
programs directly

Customer Testimonial

Dear RedLine Recreational Toys,
I grew up in a family that rarely enjoyed the great outdoors. I had friends whose parents owned boats, campers and other
toys and I always remember how much fun they had together. It became my dream that when I had a family of my own, I
would give them the opportunities that I didn’t have as a child. A few years ago I bought a snowmobile. It was a lot of fun,
but the rest of my family wasn’t getting much enjoyment out of it. As each year went by, I needed to put more and more money
into the upkeep of the snowmobile. I finally decided it was time to buy a new one. About the same time, a boat that we shared
with my in-laws was also requiring a lot of maintenance and they decided to sell it. In addition, my wife and I had talked about
looking into buying a camp trailer. Of course there was no way for us to purchase all these toys. I wasn’t sure which one we
would get the most use out of or which recreational activities my kids would love the most. I began searching the internet for
different toys and I came across an ad for RedLine Recreation. I quickly realized that this was the perfect solution for my family.
My only regret was that I hadn’t thought of the business myself. How else could a family use a variety of high quality recreational
vehicles for the same cost of buying one new snowmobile? We wouldn’t have to pay for storage, registration, insurance or
maintenance. Unlike rentals, the equipment was all new, top quality and well-maintained. The customer service provided by RedLine
has been unlike any I have ever experienced. The company treats you like family. Dan and Dustin answer all my questions and take
the time to explain in detail how everything works. They take my calls at all hours of the day and night to answer any question I
have about the equipment I have checked out. I am sure it gets old when I forget how to use something and ask the same questions '
over and over, but they never seem bothered by it. That first year with RedLine was the best my family has ever experienced.
We played in the great outdoors more than ever before. On several occasions we used the Motorhome, the Rhino, the four-wheelers,
the wave-runners, the ski boat, and the snowmobiles and never had a problem reserving any of them. Our membership with RedLine
Recreational Toys gives my kids the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a way that I never did. And who knows, maybe as they grow
into teenagers, they will actually enjoy spending time with their parents.
Sincerely, Joel

McCall Snowmobile Rental

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